Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Green Is My Town?

We're really excited to re-introduce How Green Is My Town?, a simple checklist for towns across America to measure their progress on issues related to climate change, sustainability and environmental health.

It's much more than just a checklist of course. How Green Is My Town? is a blueprint for action and a gateway to hundreds of good ideas from all over the country.

For instance, does your town have a comprehensive environmental policy, or is it a patchwork of initiatives divided among various departments? If it's the latter, chances are good that your town is missing an opportunity (or is it responsibility?) to be part of the solution.

But not to worry. How Green Is My Town? has a simple policy any town can adopt right now, plus links to governmental agencies and non-profit organizations that are ready to help your town get started.

Sixty four questions. Sixty four solutions. All in one place.

So, how is your town doing in it's effort to be green? Now you can find out. Visit How Green Is My Town?

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