Monday, November 1, 2010

Keeping Kids' Hands Clean

As the weather turns colder, parents know that cold and flu season is almost upon here. So what can they do to keep their kids healthy this winter? According to almost every medical expert in the country, the answer is simple: teach your kids the important habit of hand washing. Throughout the day, as kids come into contact with their friends, foods, animals and surfaces touched by others, they accumulate germs on their hands. By touching their eyes, nose or mouth with contaminated hands, they can transfer these germs to their bodies resulting in infections. Brisk hand washing with plain soap and warm water for one full minute can remove most of these infectious germs.

When we're away from home, we like the hand sanitizing products from CleanWell that are made from essential oils. They're alcohol-free and completely natural, and come in packets we keep with us everywhere we go.

By all means, avoid anti-bacterial soap with triclosan. The latest research suggests its use may cause serious health problems, including allergic reactions, interference with thyroid function and disruption of the endocrine system. The estrogenic effects of triclosan may induce early puberty, which in turn increases the risk of breast cancer.

So teach your kids about germs and hand washing, and get them in the habit of washing their hands on a regular basis.

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